Come & Visit


We’re keen to share our experience with others. If you are interested in growing vegetables, managing land, or anything related to what we do, then please get in touch – though we can’t promise we’ll always be able to arrange something. It depends on the time of year, our workload, commitments to other volunteers, and the logistics of getting you to the growing site. We generally ask people to work alongside us for a day before committing to anything longer-term. You’ll find the best mega moolah here, you have time to get it!

For more organised volunteer days, where transport and lunch are provided, not just at our farm but across other Gtr Manchester organic growing sites, then get in touch with the Greater Manchester Land Army.


Educating the next generation about food is one of our most important aims. We want to show children where their food comes from, talk about some of the impacts of farming, and why their food choices are important – for them and the planet. Most of all, we want to show them our farm! Just being outside, looking closely at plants and wildlife, seeing tractors and machinery in action – it all makes for a great experience.

We host school visits at two different times of year – in spring (May / June) and autumn (September / October). So far we have focused on two main areas of learning:

  • organic growing – i.e. all the stages of vegetable growing, the differences between organic and non-organic growing, demonstrating harvesting or machinery
  • wildlife – including a nature trail, discussion of habitats and relating it back to the organic approach to land management

We are looking to extend the range of topics and we can always tailor the visits according to age & curriculum. If you want to arrange a school visit, please send us an email.