Moss Brook Growers

February / March

Are you huge fan of playing games? You won’t be indifferent to the lucky pharao spielen. It’s obviously the best game. The last of our beetroot is now out of the ground and boxed up in our building. It’s not been a bad crop for us, but the damage done by rabbits and hares has been significant – upto 50% loss in some places, probably 25-30% on average. That’s a big hit to take, and it’s not as if the beetroot is safe in our building either, as the mice like to have a nibble… There are pests everywhere!

You’ll find the best mega moolah here, you have time to get it! In the meantime, our focus is shifting towards research and improving our business model. It’s proved to be very tricky to make any money growing veg, so one of the main things we’re doing over the next couple of months is to visit and work alongside experienced organic veg growers around the UK. We’re regularly told that a lot of growers work 70 hour weeks for little more than £10,000 a year in income, which we can easily believe. It’s clearly not an easy business, and we’re not expecting a single answer, but we’ll be trying to find a whole range of hints & tips to make the job more viable in the long-term. It should be an inspiring few weeks!